Lost Dogs’ Disco


4:00pm until late


Hillarys Boat Harbour
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Over the festival period, 16 life-size canines will take over Hillarys Boat Harbour for the WA premiere of this magnificent interactive art installation.

Created by art and technology company ENESS, come down and play amongst the litter of Bull Terriers, Dachshunds and Poodles, where sensors will bring these creatures to life with music, sound and light.

The work is free to visit and open from 4 pm daily.

The Story of the Lost Dogs Disco
Sometimes in the dead of night, when houses rattle and hum with the snoring dark and a dog is no longer a puppy but not quite a dog they will hear the call of ancestors and embark upon a secret journey to the Lost Dogs Disco – a place of learning, revelry, insight and discovery where dogs are gifted their deep human insight – the gentleness that understands and heals all human hearts. It’s the place where they learn to love doggedly, dance biggedly and be free to their hearts content.

The only time that dogs go back to the Lost Dogs Disco is when they lose their way: when shut out of warm houses, when the snacks run forever dry, when their owners suddenly disappear. It’s then that they return to the Lost Dogs Disco. Here, their understanding for all lost souls deepens in their little doggy hearts and they know that everyone feels lost at times. When you are a lost dog, our dogs say come to the disco where dance, togetherness and being true gets you through. If you feel like a lost dog, just go disco.