Waterfront Treasure Hunt – a digital game

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Easter School Holidays


Hillarys Boat Harbour – 86 Southside Drive, Hillarys
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Explore Hillarys, unlock points and win prizes at Perth’s favourite harbour.

Collect 350 points and spin the wheel for some great prizes. Collect over 500 points to go in a running to win the grand prize valued at over $1000!

Grand prize

  • An overnight stay in a double room at Hillarys Harbour Resort
  • $400 to spend at any Hillarys Boardwalk business
  • $100 food and beverage voucher at Hillarys Yacht Club,
  • Family annual membership at AQWA.

Grab your friends, your family or go solo and have some Waterfront Treasure Hunt fun!

This is a free community event.

Get ready – download the App:

  1. Download Adventures App from the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Androids).   Make sure you all Adventures App access to your location/GPS and enable photos and camera.
  2. Load App on your phone and enter the unique game code 763557984909
  3. Enter your team name and photo
  4. Play and have fun.

How to play:

  1. Once you’ve registered to the game on the app, go to the map screen and navigate to the hot spots.
  2. To release tasks you must visit the black padlock hot spots on the map. When you are close, the padlock will open and reveal questions and tasks.
  3. You will win points by completing the questions and tasks at that hotspot correctly. The more hotspots you visit and complete correctly, the more points you will gain.
  4. The mission is to collect as many points as possible to win prizes at Hillarys Boat Harbour. Good luck!

How to transfer your game to another device:

In an event where you are low on battery or want to swap the your game to another device:

  1. Go to setting within the app
  2. Select “Transfer to Another Device”
  3. Follow the steps.

*We recommend completing the hunt with at least another person.

Things to know:

  • This is a digital GPS based game and you can only play through the Adventures App with the unique game code
  • The game is open at 9 am – 6pm from the 2nd of April to the 18th of April. After this time period Waterfront Treasure Hunt will be closed to the public. To complete Waterfront Treasure Hunt, please allow yourself 2-3 hours.
  • Children under the age of 16 and under will require adult supervision
  • Be Travel Safe! Please obey all road rules and look after yourself and each other. Cross at designated cross walks and use designated footpaths
  • Please be considerate of others and other people’s property during your travel
  • Bring a spare battery pack for your phone, keep yourself hydrated and wear a hat as you will be outdoors throughout the duration of the game.
  • Be Covid Safe – wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing.
  • Have fun!

Hillarys Boat Harbour

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